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3 definitions by bs0l

A commonly used word made by losers who have no life and waste their time making definitions for urban dictionary. Can mean anything.
What the blargin was that?
You are so blargin ugly!
Wow, thats just blargin.
That chick is the blargin.
by bs0l March 08, 2005
25 10
Some jersey guy that pwns you.
"bsol pwns you!"
"Dude, its bs0l! With a zero."
by bs0l March 08, 2005
21 15
Phace is a word created by L0x. It's commonly used to ward off poserlicious losers, like people younger than you and I. Phace pwns words like "fat" and "face" and sometimes even "fone" when spelt incorrectly.
Your phace! oooooooooh
by bs0l March 09, 2005
6 4