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A feminine name used most commonly in Latin based languages commonly accepted to mean ‘to seek’ or ‘to go forward’ from interpretation of the Latin word Petulare. The use of similar names can be traced back to early Tribal or Sanskrit Languages. This perhaps contributes the foreign or exotic ring to the name Petula. The exact origin of the name is a combination of similar syllables all having in common a mystical, desired or sought after quality.

Patala of Sanskrit origin- an underworld kingdom of ageless and shimmering radiance, described as more beautiful even than the heavens or the earth.

Patala in Hindi means Godess Durga the Warrior aspect of the Divine Mother.
Betula of Arabic or Hebrew origin – a pure or virgin girl.

Tulla in Irish - a higher ground or hill
Tula in Tagalog- means speech and song or poem
Tula in early Aztec- meant cultured person or urbanite and then defending warrior to Mesoamerican attackers.

Sound and phonetic analysis of the syllables in the name Petula suggest the emotional meaning of the name to be ‘Wordly and Universal’ with supporting features derived from expansive, ambitious, passionate, serious, and perhaps volatile or unpredictable.
1. That girl is Petula
by namekeeper May 05, 2013
1. Flower.
2. Very popular.
3. Musically and/or academically talented.
1. That flower is a Petula.
2. Wow, I want to be as popular as them! I want to be Petula!
3. You are accepted in our school, you are really Petula.
by anonymous0293 August 18, 2011
slang for a lady's lower love lips
She whipped off her knickers and I got a faceful of her hairy petula
by sidfelony September 04, 2006
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