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Also known as St Peter's College, it's a Cambridge college (or campus, for you Yanks reading this) where being human is prized more than knowledge. Comically small, insanely rich (£500,000 per student in endowment), and Conservative to the bone (Reagan Democrat). Also, founded in 1284. Yes, TWELVE eighty-four—it was the first college ever to be established at the University of Cambridge. The most oversexed college. Contrary to popular imagination, we're not all rich snots, it isn't where fun goes to die (last on the Tompkins table PRECISELY because we have so much fun!), and not all our masters have died of Peterhouse Blue, b.k.a. a stroke (our last one retired).
It's not Peterhouse College, it's just Peterhouse, or else St Peter's College.
#cambridge #college #university #collage #degree #best
by diam0rphine October 30, 2013
A Cambridge college housing a large number of "faggots" and "tory-boys"
"Have you been to Peterhouse?"
"No, I just had an enema"
#cambridge #tory #gay #college #faggot
by Mathmo July 29, 2006
where fun goes to die
that guy from peterhouse is a tory tosser
by kyla mcgee May 08, 2005
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