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The original brand-name for methamphetamine, crank, speed, tina, or shabu in Japan, where it was invented, and other East Asian countries (Korea and China come to mind).

Methamphetamine is a drug that causes extreme rises in wakefulness (the need for sleep disappears) and well-being (the best antidepressant, aside from morphine of course). It also causes a decrease in appetite. Unfortunately, methamphetamine made in a drug lab is not of good quality, containing various leftovers from production. For this reason, the use of "dirty" methamphetamine causes rotting of teeth, losses of arms and legs, and sickness in general.
Hey, buddy, want some Philopon?
#meth #crank #speed #tina #shabu
by diam0rphine June 25, 2012
German brand name for methamphetamine, crank, speed, tina, or shabu. Used in Germany, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia.

In the Czech Republic, methamphetamine is somewhat legendary; it is the country with the most meth users and dealers out of the whole population. In Communist times, meth was made and sold by the same person in his own bathroom (it is made in the bathtub or toilet) to three or four other users. Because it was so easy to make and cheap too, it was even more common than marijuana] at one point.

Because it wakes people up and increases intelligence, it's commonly used by students (in pills, as Adderall, Dexedrin, Vyvanse), scientists, drivers, helicopter pilots, and such. Because it is also cheap, it is used by those who can't get a better drug.
Prosím, Mišo, kurva jsem v kaši, dej mi gram péčka!
Mikey, please, I'm fucking dying, gimme a gram of meth (pervitin)!

Jano je feťák, paří již od pětnactich, a tři roky si stříli do kábla, tak nyní sedí v Mírově za loupež. To piko je smrt v pytlíku...
John's an addict---he's been doing meth since the age of fifteen, and three years he's been shooting up, now he's in prison for robbery. Meth is death in a bag.
#meth #crank #speed #tina #shabu
by diam0rphine June 25, 2012
Also known as St Peter's College, it's a Cambridge college (or campus, for you Yanks reading this) where being human is prized more than knowledge. Comically small, insanely rich (£500,000 per student in endowment), and Conservative to the bone (Reagan Democrat). Also, founded in 1284. Yes, TWELVE eighty-four—it was the first college ever to be established at the University of Cambridge. The most oversexed college. Contrary to popular imagination, we're not all rich snots, it isn't where fun goes to die (last on the Tompkins table PRECISELY because we have so much fun!), and not all our masters have died of Peterhouse Blue, b.k.a. a stroke (our last one retired).
It's not Peterhouse College, it's just Peterhouse, or else St Peter's College.
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by diam0rphine October 30, 2013
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