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To fart at the bar. It can be silent or loud, but almost always deadly.
Past Tense:

Person 1: That chick just bumped me and made me spill my drink.

Person 2: Don't worry, I peted on her earlier. She bumped me too and it just slipped out.
by i wear glasses cause im "weak" April 05, 2009
52 62
A man of intelligence, handsome, well hung, astute.
If someone displays any of those characteristics...

"Dude, your name should be Pete!."
by MokoRules February 24, 2009
905 339
A male slut
'he's such a pete'
by -XxO September 17, 2008
698 409
Argentine word for blowjob.
A derivative of the word "Chupete" (pacifier).
It´s pronounced "Peh-teh".
... Haceme un pete y vemos (Do me a Pete and we´ll see)
by Argentinman July 10, 2008
447 377
A shy and insecure boy who is largely missunderstood. His awkwardness will either been seen as undersirable or endearing. He has but a few close friends but is liked by many. He is polite, friendly and courteous but doesn't have much luck with the ladies. He is slightly nerdy and enjoys video games and fantasy fiction. Although an introvert, Pete is very popular amongst those who know him best. He has an immature sense of humour which will either be seen as funny or annoying. He is sensitive and caring and will always listen to what you have to say.
Pete cracks me up, he's so awkward :-)
by Jackyboii October 21, 2011
214 155
that kid pete that sits next to me in math is a rapist.
by iamlyingaboutmyname November 23, 2010
59 61
Pete is a funny person, usually and Grandpop, that is always making smart remarks like he is cool. Pete, also known as Peter, is very racist, and loves to say the word bitches when pulling up to the Mall. He loves to cook and make fun of Asians.
Pete was talking about the smell of the Negroes today.
by Geoleo123 May 30, 2011
61 64
1) when a new kid goes to a new school and starts making all the boys and girls fall in love with him
omfg that guy is pete-ing everyone, yeah i know! he's already pete-ed eho and vlo. what a pete!
66 72