1. "One of the best Lyricists of all time" - Amy Winehouse

2. A man who recieves way to much hate on here, for using drugs.

3. Hero

Pete Doherty likes to have a good time, the guys cleverer than all of his haters.
by themanwhowouldbeking March 28, 2007
Sex, drugs, without Rock n' Roll.

Thinks that just by acting trashy, doing heroin and painting with his own blood like some retarded Emo kid (forgetting to write decent music in the process), people will respect him as an artist...
While in fact that just makes him a pathetic attention-seeking mama's boy.
Pete Doherty: Look, I cut my wrist and nearly Od'd on heroin, I'm such a bad-ass.

Producer: Yeah, you were also supposed to work on your new album...
by Sullivan1990 August 13, 2009
A singer songwriter (Libertines, Babyshambles)
with a face like a camels arse!
Great lyrics, dynamic band. But his drug addiction has caused him to go from a good looking young talent to a scabby, greasy faced, parody of himself. He is going nowhere fast and the sooner he grows up and realises that he could make so much more of himself the better. He is still playing in the dirt and that is a man with a son that needs a father to look up to, not a fat scabby faced loser with black teeth thats still found puking up in the gutter.
I used to admire Pete Doherty but that was when there was still some hope he took his role as a father seriously enough and took his role as a musical genious seriously enough - but all he does take seriously is when he cant score drugs!
Oh Dear look, its pete doherty throwing up. Tut tut tut, at his age, he should really be thinking about what sort of legacy he's going to be leaving his family. I wonder if his will be the red lining or the white lining on that coffin?

Grow up Pete!
by Jerry Can September 05, 2007
A person or thing which initially displays promise, but then fails to live up to that promise. After British singer/song-writer Pete Doherty of Babyshambles, ex of The Libertines. A twat.
"A young lady behind whom we were merrily strolling had a marvellous behind and spectacular legs. Our expectations were thus raised over the prospect of seeing her from the front. Sadly, upon passing said filly, her breasts proved to resemble spaniels' ears and her face a bag of hammers. What a Pete Doherty."
by Westy1980 August 17, 2006
1.A smackhead
2.A waster
What A Pete Doherty
What A fucking Pete Dohert
You pissed it all up the wall
by Prof Knowitall January 06, 2004
Purveyor of bland, same-old same-old indie crap that isn't particularly memorable, but it's OK! He's more famous for being a drugged-up wannabe burglar.
Can anyone actually hum a single Libertines tune?
by OD Smith March 23, 2005

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