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Nickname for Pete Doherty. Usually used in conjunction with Biggles, nickname for Carlos Barat.
Bilo and Biggles go together like a cup of Earl Gray and giggles.
by ideal_girl October 27, 2004
Borats retarted brother.
Borat: My brother Bilo is retard.
by Chunky Bilo October 09, 2007
One who lacks the ability of doing things properly.
Carlo: Michael, I think you're drunk!!
Michael: What? Why you say this?
Carlo: Listen to yourself, you sound like a Bilo!
by KrazyKarl81 May 26, 2008
a new name to call fat retarded people.
guy 1:whats a bilo

guy 2: a new term to call overweight retarded people
by NaziWarMachine June 13, 2010
Borat's retard brother; a person that is very dumb or slow
Steve No Middle Name Ketter is such a bilo.
by Vozo October 04, 2007
The epitome of shit. An establishment in which decaying Senior Citizens and dirty Red Necks go to purchase over priced generic groceries and untested Cosmetic products. Bathrooms are never clean, Shit runs down the wall, tampons litter the floor, and piss stains streak the Urinals. Employees are mostly unfriendly, not the least of which being the Management. Masta Bates lords over the realm of Bi-Lo with an iron fist and a perverted old-man smile. Maneuvering too close to Mr. Bates and you will no doubt feel a wrinkly hand on your ass.
Vicky: Hey lets shop at Bi-Lo.
Chris: No lets not. Walmart has low prices and better products.
by Nick DesJardin September 26, 2007
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