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used to break awkward silences, usually making them more awkward
PESTICLES! (when walking into shops)
by fairy nuff September 20, 2003
5 8
Floppy testicles which slap against a sex partner during sex.
Jerry beat Kerry half to death with his pesticles on their wedding night.
by Col. Dr. April 23, 2006
15 3
n. someone who is extremely uptight to the point where their penis and testicles have become one
"Dude, relax and stop being such a pesticle"
by ssdafanie April 21, 2004
15 5
A penis and testicles combined into one amazing word
Suck my pesticles bitch!
by fagballsXD November 28, 2008
5 1
An annoying man.
That guy who keeps trying to buy you drinks is such a pesticle.
by JavaJaneOhio July 05, 2013
0 0
A nuisance with balls.
Girl 1: "I can't believe Joe crashed my lunch with my girlfriends and tried to get me to leave with him!"

Girl 2: "He's such a fuckin' pesticle!"
by garrity46 February 06, 2010
1 1
A pesticle refers to when your nut sack becomes sweaty and sticks to the side of your inner thigh. It is very annoying in a public scene, but comical in a private scene, like having sex, or whackin' off.
"Ah, man, I have such an itchy pesticle right now!"
by P.J.Scene March 21, 2007
5 5
When a small animal is pestering you (usually a male).
This barking dog is being a total pesticle! (Rhymes with testicle).
by stratacat April 22, 2010
0 2