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When you are a pervert as well as a nerd.
Guy1 "Man, that kid spends all his time in the library."
Guy2 "Ya, but all he does is look at porn in there!"
Guy1 "Dude that kids pervnerded!
by Donkeyhead May 04, 2009

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1- To be used to describe someone who says something very corny and sexual.

2- To lust after electronics and/or gadgetry.
1- "Can you please stop with the sexual innuendo?" "In your endo" "You're totally pervnerded"

2- "Have you seen the new 80 inch Aquos tv?" "Dude, I was drooling over it at Costco for over an hour!" "Me too!" "Holy shit we're pervnerded" "Yeah, we need girlfriends"
by Not Even Remotely Dorkey January 04, 2012