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A chick who is a pervert.
Keith, "Guys are just perverted."
Emi, "It's ok, I'm a Perver too. But I have boobs so I win!"
Keith, "lol, that makes an even better Perver."
by blues clues paw print March 24, 2010
17 14
Noun: A perverts server.
Tom has a high grade perver.
by Jiraffe January 22, 2008
5 19
(n) 1) A person with a soiled, unholy mind.
2) A friend of Casey's who is particularly dirty-minded.
3) A supporter of Uchiha incest, particularly Itachi x Sasuke.
4) Laura.
var: adj: perverish adv: perverly
(derived from the English "pervert" by Casey, who needs to work on her typing skills.)
Laura is a perver for joining the Uchihacest Fanclub.
by L May 23, 2004
27 83