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A online youtube channel that features Canadian-Iranian actress/comedian Roxanne Persia.
I heard about the "Persian Version" of Jersey Shore from Personal Persia!
by Melika Fahzed April 15, 2010
a website created by Iranian-Canadian actress/socialite Persia Ramedani that features personal vlogs and pictures.
I got access to clips of Persia Ramedani through her Personal Persia website!
by KrypticKonic November 15, 2010
Personal Persia also known as "Persia Ramedani" is the name of a YouTube blogger/writter featured on Vonny The Ken Doll's website celebrity gossip website. Personal Persia alongside her colleague Vonny The Ken Doll contribute to his site.
Vonny the Ken Doll featured a review by Personal Persia.
by Tackleszz November 23, 2010