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1.The result of taking bad acid, and ending up in a permanent trip.
1. Mother and father took some bad acid last night.
Now my parents are forever trippin.

2. Bobby ate a how bunch of stamps, too bad that she didn't know that it was bad acid, and is now going to be permatrippin.

3. Dad has been acting so strange, i'd hate to tell mom he ate little Timmy's stash of LSD, and that he will never be the same again, o'well the jokes on her!
by Johnny Davison January 13, 2010
To be permanently in a tripping state of mind, as a result from tripping too frequently psychedelics.

1. "He trips on LSD so much I think he's in a permatrip..."
2.- "Why does Mitch where sunglasses indoors?"
-"well, his eyes are permanently dilated because he's in a permatrip"
by Michika January 05, 2009