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3 definitions by Michika

1. Having an unexplainable crush on somebody you don't know personally; perhaps a friend of a friend.
2. Liking somebody just by looking through their facebook/myspace profile.
"Oh my gosh, I totally have a stalker crush on that kid in my Biology class. I've never spoken a word to him!"

"I soo have a stalker crush on my sisters friend!"
by Michika January 03, 2009
To be permanently in a tripping state of mind, as a result from tripping too frequently psychedelics.

1. "He trips on LSD so much I think he's in a permatrip..."
2.- "Why does Mitch where sunglasses indoors?"
-"well, his eyes are permanently dilated because he's in a permatrip"
by Michika January 05, 2009
1. To simply mess around or lollygag with a group of friends; Hang around and do purposeless nonsense.
"Hey Jim, what are you up to?"
"Oh, nothin just bee boppin at wal-mart with some friends..."
by Michika January 05, 2009