Top Definition
n., adj.

A person who exhibits intoxicated behaviors consistently without the consumption of alcohol is referred to as permadrunk.
Betty acts like she is drunk all the time, I think she's permadrunk.


Betty acts like she is drunk all the time, I think shes a permadrunk.
by Saving The Angels June 06, 2010

Permadrunk occurs when one has consumed a large amount of alcohol, wake up drunk the next morning, and start their day without sleeping off the drunkenness. This person will now be permadrunk and feel slightly intoxicated throughout the entirety of the day.
Dude, you better go back to sleep otherwise you're gonna be permadrunk all day.
by RICKAH March 19, 2012
Drinking so much that you are drunk for more than a day.
1. We were permadrunk from our trip at the lake
2. John was perma drunk and climbed the tree.
by mike March 27, 2003
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