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In the online game known as Infantry Online, owned by Sony Online Entertainment, Perm Ban is a form of punishment which length is inversely related to the severity of the offense.
IE. Itchymeek(owns) has been Perm Banned for one day for hacking.

Me5 has been Perm Banned forever for posting ascii porn on the forums.

Bubba has been Perm Banned forever for allowing Me5 to post on the forums with his account.
by Anon August 17, 2004
Perm is a short hand for permanent, thus, a "Perm Ban", as opposed to its counterpart "Temp Ban" (Temporary), is a fixed banishment of a substance, action or a person from a certain area.

In the cyberworld, and particulary in games, it is common to place such a life-time exile on individuals who break the place's rules.
In the game SubSpace, which predates the game Infantry (as its correct name was prior to being renamed Infantry Online by its current owner SOE), was made by the same creators and was one of the first online only massively multiplayer games on the Internet as well, the distinction came to be whereas casual interruptive players would be placed on a short-period banished for a certain duration whilest the heavy offenders (cheaters and the such) would've been foreever blocked from returning to the game never to show their face again (although, security measures are always somewhat bypassable by various means).
by Gravitron (Ori Klein) August 20, 2004

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