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2 definitions by Makcane

You Know The Black People in America they are called Nigga..
And the Middle East People You KNow the Brown ones are Called Perker but only in Denmark i Think.:P
Yo Sup.. roll me a Dope or someN shit Perker..
by Makcane December 03, 2004
Fo' Shizzle My Nizzle means Fo sho my nigga but FO Shizzle My Pizzle means Fo Sho My Perker.. Like THe Negros in USA call themself Nigga.. and the Muslims in Denmark is called Perker..

Both Nigga and Perker is a Racist Word..
Yo'this is DK With Makcane Fo' Shizzle My Pizzle
by Makcane November 15, 2004