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Kind of Spanglish word not meaning "perfect world" or "mundo perfecto" but "perfectly".
Spanglish Usage Statistics Office (SUSO) released its last statistics about this word--the usage of "perfectomundo" is growing specially in Lincoln, NE area.

The theory about the author of this word says that its creator is a human specimen known as LRM. Probaly, the word in question, was a result of an external enviromental factor who triggered some plastogenes in the left hemisphere of the brain. An interruption on the translating system (English to Spanish) of the individual happened, causing a rare reaction wich produced the word to come out, for the first time, of the LRM's mouth.
- Hey Lyle, let's go to the cinema. What do you think?
- Perfectomundo!
by santik March 18, 2011

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