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1. to cause to filter gradually through a porous substance.
2. to get the party cracking.
"Let's hurry up and get to the club so we can get it percolating."
by Komfort May 17, 2003
When the tip of your boner rises and proceeds to poke through your fly.
Dude, check it out! Loch's percolating!

Tom began to percolate after he put on his 'Girls Gone Wild' DVD.
by BearMan91 February 23, 2011
used amongst only your gangsta friends-

also can be used in place of : popping, cracking, good, up...

used as a suplement for words that ask the What is...? line...
What Up G? -

Whats Poppin' My Nicca -

Whats good homie -

and Finally

Whats Percolating?
by JohnDizoe December 03, 2003
When your intestines are cramping up and make that 'girgling' sound a few minutes before you have to hit the can. Similar to a coffee maker percolating, your intestines are fixing up a nasty brew.
Feeling ok, John?
Nah man, I'm percolating over here. Cover me for a few minutes, will ya.
by Rold Gold July 10, 2005
1.When someones walking down the street and they feel really nice
2. When your out with your friends looking to pull
3. When someones teased themselves up real nice
1. "Look over there shes percolating"
2."come on bridge, lets percolate"
3."im well percolating tonight"
by BAbsy June 21, 2006
opening your anus/butthole using your sphincter to allow air to enter. you then proceed to gain more air the same way. let the air sit then push out to perform an enormous fart

As short: perking
Guy 1: Dude I'm perking (percolating) so much
(loud fart)
Guy 2: AH that smells so bad!
by buttbreather123 March 02, 2009
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