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A gay man standing, sitting, or posing in a cunty or feminine manner
"Gurl, who is that queen over there perched by the bar"

"Child, that's Miss James, she's a legendary kiki"
by DivaLiscous2 May 02, 2010
So thirsty.
If only Jakie would get the fuck out of here so I could leave for the grocery store and get some mother fucking juice because oh lawdy I am perched.
by Dock13 April 23, 2015
When fucking a woman against the wall, one removes ones hand and the woman perches on the dick.
She was perched on my dick for a good 10 minutes!

You should have seen the bird perching on my dick last night.

I like it when she wiggles while she perches on my dick.
by Sam Kaci November 08, 2007

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