European version of diet Pepsi.
except that it contains twice the amount of caffeine, and a substance named aspartame.
You shouldn't drink pepsi max while pregnant
by Scandinavia July 29, 2010
Top Definition
One Word. Delicious!
"Ima get me some delicious Pepsi Max"
by AdventuresInFoam April 05, 2006
Better than Pepis! Only cool kids drink it.
Good with everything =]]]
"Pepsi Max it's for cool kids!"
by ||Fembot. August 04, 2006
A very non-subtle street name for the Class A drug, Cocaine.
Tony: Shall we get some Pepsi Max tonight?
Tim: Yes - I wonder if anyone who overheard this conversation knows we mean drugs.

Tony: No way.
by Stevie Durham July 15, 2010
a sugar free drink (like pepsi but suagr free version)
i love drinking pepsimax
by pepsimax drinker October 09, 2010
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