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One Word. Delicious!
"Ima get me some delicious Pepsi Max"
by AdventuresInFoam April 05, 2006
Better than Pepis! Only cool kids drink it.
Good with everything =]]]
"Pepsi Max it's for cool kids!"
by ||Fembot. August 04, 2006
A very non-subtle street name for the Class A drug, Cocaine.
Tony: Shall we get some Pepsi Max tonight?
Tim: Yes - I wonder if anyone who overheard this conversation knows we mean drugs.

Tony: No way.
by Stevie Durham July 15, 2010
a sugar free drink (like pepsi but suagr free version)
i love drinking pepsimax
by pepsimax drinker October 09, 2010
European version of diet Pepsi.
except that it contains twice the amount of caffeine, and a substance named aspartame.
You shouldn't drink pepsi max while pregnant
by Scandinavia July 29, 2010