after creating the god-awful Pepsi Blue, the Pepsi company needed to redeem itself by making a vanilla soda and sucked at marketing so they had to try to make fun of Vanilla Coke in the ads
Pepsi Vanilla is good but not as good as Vanilla Coke
by Eddy October 21, 2003
Top Definition
It's like drinking carbonated ice cream. Without the ice cream.
Vanilla Coke and Vanilla Pepsi tastes the same, I'll take either one.
by Saints October 30, 2003
Nectar of the Gods, The best drink ever!
Devin drank a Pepsi Vanilla and then threw a cat off a tall building.
by Devin January 06, 2004
after Pepsi Blue went away, they decided to copy Vanilla Coke. The two sodas taste EXACTLY the same, but Pepsi Vanilla claims to be better than Vanilla Coke.
(pepsi vanilla commercial)
man1:Dude, don't get a vanilla coke, it sucks.
by DaChazman September 01, 2004
It really sucks
That's all that needs to be said.
by Luka December 17, 2003
The end result of ejaculating into a woman's anus and having her excrete the semen into a wine glass.
Doris and I enjoyed an after dinner Pepsi Vanilla.
by mrducks December 19, 2003
A mix of sugar sludge water and a vaugly taste-having vanilla ingrediant along with the minimum amount of carbonation to make it considered soda a desperate attempt to kick as much ass of coke made by pepsi to to their lack of originality and ability to make a non-shit drink some examples of their shit drinks are 1.pepsi pepsi 3.pepsi one 4. diet caffine free pepsi 5.pepsi blue 6.pepsi twist the list goes on for years but the worst has to be pepsi blue people who drink this stuff have generally never had a real kikass drink such as coke and should be shot
commonly pronounced as (shit n water)
1.GOD this pepsi vanilla sure tastes like shit!
2.DAMN i knew the pepsi vanilla commercial was lying when they said its better then coke.
3.AW shit did pepsi vanilla actually meen swampp water or something?
by Slime October 26, 2003
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