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4 definitions by mrducks

1. Titty hard ons.

2. A female's erect nipples.
Beatrice has female wood.
by mrducks December 19, 2003
28 16
A fungus you get after making out with too many people in one night. Common among sorority girls.
Connie gave me trench mouth at last Saturday's mixer, whore.
by mrducks December 18, 2003
11 7
The end result of ejaculating into a woman's anus and having her excrete the semen into a wine glass.
Doris and I enjoyed an after dinner Pepsi Vanilla.
by mrducks December 19, 2003
7 21
The act of shoving both your thumbs into a females anus and saying, "AAAAAA!"
Bill: Remeber that dishrag whore form the bar last night?
Tom: Yeah.
Bill: I gave her the Fonze.
by mrducks December 19, 2003
9 23