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When you have a strong urge or craving for Pepsi, usually after a prolonged period of time without it.
Frick, Im so peppin right now!
by Jessicaca June 14, 2006
The act of using compliments or flattery that, while seemingly real, is just for an ulterior motive.
Man I just be peppin these ho's and they b all over me.

Girl dnt believe him, he peppin.
by Pep boys September 26, 2010
pepperoni pizza, specifically a little ceasars one. a peppin could also be abbreviated as "pep" or "pepn"
p 1: "do you want to go get a peppin?"
by jayceboy June 12, 2011
A puny mother fucker that looks like a chipmunk and plays lacrosse. For some reason peppin's are obsessed with xie's and they seem to always want to fight other individuals. Another characteristic of a peppin is it always tries to sound smarter than it is, in fact peppin's are quite dumb and will do anything for an xie because it is xie's bitch.
xie's bitch, asshole, puny mother fucker
by Kramer November 25, 2003
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