cocky, stuck up, mean (also can be another word for salty)
Mark has been acting peppery since the last basketball game.
by Lisa July 19, 2003
Top Definition
Adjective used to describe someone that throws a hissy fit over every somewhat leaning negative thing you say towards them. It reminds you of when you sniff pepper and shake your nose irritably.
Scott: Im upset i can't go to Cross Country today. Its so much fun.
Cassidy: I just don't get how you can have fun in a sport where all you do is run, and run, ....and run!
Cassidy: Jesus, you're extremely peppery today.
by cassidysays May 28, 2010
opposite of salty.

pepper spices things up, so it is only natural that being "peppery" delivers a positive connotation and now, denotation
"that nigga tried to make me salty, but i was so peppery that nothing could make me feel bad."
by don tronson March 13, 2005
A word originating in California, generally meaning that you just got did dirty and you feel pissed about it, thus making you peppery. Similarly known as salty but as a better version.
Bro, you're being hella peppery right now just because he roasted you.
by lygend June 29, 2015
Sassy .
Emily: Why did u take my awnswers?!
Kay: I didn't... Why r u being so peppery???
by ahna.fillner June 19, 2016
Acting mean and arrogant and thinks that they are better than everyone and gets offended a lot😂 . The opposite of salty
Paula is very peppery
by Faithisamazing2016 June 26, 2016
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