a blowjob
Man: How much for a pepper grinder
Hooker: $50
by Brian Browser January 28, 2003
Top Definition
An act of masturbation in which the perfomer places both hands firmly on the penis. He then proceeds to twist his wrists in opposite directions, as if grinding pepper.
I felt like i needed to switch it up last night so i went with the pepper grinder last night.
by Qsack October 07, 2008
1. A sexual act in which you or you bitch puts both hands on your penis (if size permits), and twists vigorously.

2. A synonym for "fucking awesome"
1. Nigga, tonight im gonna go home and let my bitch do the peppergrinder on me.

2. When he jumped and landed on a vertical pole, cracking his gooch, it so peppergrinder.

3. Yesterday i peppergrinded so hard that everybody started sneezing.
by ltowngoochgoblin January 23, 2007
Indian burn for the pecker.
my girlfriend gave me the pepper grinder,now my cock is chafed. I wont ask her to give me a two hander again!
by heavydrinker420 December 11, 2008
An ass-kissing brown-noser.
The only reason Mary got promoted is because she's a huge Pepper Grinder.
by Tip Tank April 01, 2011
The act of feeding someone some imaginary meat (Penis) when they are yawning. As the yawn starts and the eyes close you pretend to throw dick meat down their throat in a pepper grinder fashion while saying, "Aww yeah bitch, take that dick".
Chuck yawned and Sean pepper grinder'd the shit out of his face.

feed meat trolling
by kana71 February 03, 2010
the ultimate phalic symbol
you see a man stroking a pepper grinder in electric six's gaybar video.
by MaximusCoolman April 10, 2004
dance move created in the bronx. involves making the motion of grinding pepper without having the object in hand. act usually involves a stupid face.
"oh man, look @ him ripping it up, he's broke the pepper grinder out!"
by Christopher Truchan October 27, 2006
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