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A person who has had thier fingers replaced with penis'. The process in which this is done is using a Peenu on your fingers. It is not suggested you do this.
Dude, Tyson is a Pensi. He showed me his hands just before.
by Misfitus October 22, 2004
The Mispelled Version of Penis but also the special powers believed in by The Bizznatchs
Believe In The Pensi, And The Pensi Will Spit On You
by Captain Bizznatch February 08, 2003
A baby puma with lung cancer.
Damn Hays, you must be a pensi
by Pensilover November 18, 2009
The alterntive spelling for Penis
Misha Collins' Pensi calling
by Pensi The Pachycephalosaurus October 04, 2010
a cawk (see cawk)
like what travis stuffs up his ass... pensi
by Ryan loves u April 24, 2003
Another term for penis.
his pensi was up teh anuz! olol.
by orf October 27, 2002
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