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Penor (penor, p3n0r, penoah): Elite word for penis.
Your penor is huge.
by Major Penor October 17, 2003
penis. 1337 way to say penis, cock, or any other referral to the male genitalia.
kiss my ass and sux mah penor!

my penor is 11 inches long.

u wish u had mah penor!

This movie sux teh penor.
by jenou April 30, 2007
The way to say penis if you want to be "1337" on the internet.
5ux0r my p3n0r nubz0r!!!!!11
by Bill-likes-cakes August 02, 2005
noun. A word describing a godly size penis
Girl: dayum look at that penor
Boy: you like?
Girl: Oh hell yea
by yur mum rates me October 02, 2010
A penor is a special type of penis that wears a sombrero. The sombrero can differ in size and color.
Anne: I had sex with Matty last night.
Grace: So, is it true? Does he really have a penor?
Anne: Yeah, it's really colorful, too.
Grace: I WISH my boyfriend had a penor.
by penorlover January 30, 2011
a varying terminology of the more popular "penis"
You pen is huge

You mean my penor?
by NI66Killa March 30, 2010
Basically, another word for penis; however, penor can be used in several different types of context.
1. "Stop being such a penor".

2. "Willie was taking a piss and I totally saw his penor!"
by nalyd June 15, 2013

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