The State has the worst roads and traffic ticket laws in the whole country. There are meddling dutch people who have an attitude problem and are suspicious of everybody who is not Dutch. It is taboo to walk in some of the Northeast cities because of fat paranoid dutch people. It is filled with bigoted conservative pigs who hate everybody that is not German. There are old people who do not like people who have black hair and often sit on their porch with police scanners. Philadelphia is the armpit of all the Northeast cities and is just known for its cheese steaks. The suburbs if filled with pretentious snobs who call the police on people who do not drive BMW, Volks Wagon, or Ford(its a german thing).
Friend: Why is that dutch lady with the tennis hat giving me a dirty look?
ME: She is part of neighborhood watch and wants to call the police. She is bored.


Friend: Why do people have stickers with the letters N-R-A?
ME: It is a bunch of extreme libertarian people who live in the woods and suburbs who want to shoot somebody for no reason.

Friend:Why do people have such a hard ass attitude?
ME: It is a German thing.
#pennsylanilucky #a-town #philly #dutch #parking tickets
by ConservativeGermanScumbag March 10, 2013
Pennsylvania home of the rednecks, prepy rich snobs, drop outs, druggies and your usual outcast, and coal crackers. This state is of course known for it's coal crackers, and that's what they call us. We have huge die hard fans of Steelers, Eagles and of course Penn state. Lewisburg is a nice town right in cetral PA but also filled with rich snobs and the occasional druggies. Then there's Shamokin/Mount Carmel area, we are the coal crackers, trouble makers, rednecks. Accually, every town you pass through in PA has rednecks. The sight seeing is great except for when you pass through most of central PA and all you see is broken down houses and trailers with a bunch of rotting useless crap sitting on proches and in yards. The woods and trees take over most parts of this state. Though take a walk in some of them and you'll see broken beer bottles and left over joints and occasonal mattresses because of course those teeny boppers have nothing better to do. Of course our roads suck, its true. And FYI, never move to a little town called Kulpmont, it's like limbo. It's only a mile strech of passing through, no one ever stops here unless of course they live here. Mount just plain stupid. It's main road is only one way and there's only one way out of the town, and of course, there are no signs that lead you to that way to get out. They want to keep you captive forever. AHHH!
The four fathers ghost's: How the fuck did this shit hole state Pennsylvania get added? Dumb asses.
#penncylvania #pennsylvania #coal crackers #rednecks #pa
by NuggetsMcGee November 12, 2009
An area in the eastern part of the United States that mostly consists of woods, a few roads, amish people, coal mines, and Pittsburg.
Think about it next time youre in Pennsylvania.
#middle of nowhere #sucks #boring #amish #coal
by Richardlp June 16, 2009
A great place to find Intercourse.
Dude?! I went to Pennsylvania and found Intercourse on the map . . . then I got wasted in the bar and found it again. Thank God I cut my cock off with a rusty knife after I sobered up enoguh to realize I had just fucked a hill person.
by JC February 17, 2004
A fairly wierd place when one moment u can be in downtown Philly then go past w. chester and be in bumble fuck.... a place where the closest anything is atleast 30 min away... a place where there is some damn good chocolate and ketchup and cheesesteaks and potatoes.... and yea so what if our sports teams suck (im speaking of philly here) atleast when they do win or we're playing rivals we will throw snow and mud on the feild in thier defense.... and even tho it is a tired ass boring place to live in... its still my home and i (mostly) love it....
At least we are only 2 hours away from DC and NYC
by TexMex July 31, 2004
my great state. 1 that has to divided into 3 different parts: 1) Philly and the East are filled with snotty WASPs who think they're new york; 2) Pittsburgh and the West are filled with ethnic people with hard work ethics (from old steel mill/coal mine days), and the Burgh is in close relations with Cleveland and Buffalo; 3)The Center is an endless piece of nothing, filled with mountains and shitty penn state fans (go pitt!). pa's 2 most famous features are its crappy roads and its diehard sports fans (pittsburgh fans destroy philly fans any day)
Pennsylvania may have issues, but its my home state, and i couldnt imagine living anywhere else
by StatesDude March 31, 2004
A nice state on the east coast where it probably sucks to live, unless you live in the southeast like I do. (and I DON'T mean Philly) The suburbs of Philly are the nicest places in the world, Drexel Hill and the Main Line being the best of course. The roads do suck it's true, but if you put out the money to attend one of the many prep schools in the area, the education you'll receive it top shelf. And you can buy alcohol on Sundays. Also home to the second biggest mall in the country, King of Prussia. (named after *gasp* the KING of PRUSSIA)
If you stay in the Southeast, where there are dentists, schools like Notre Dame, The Prep, Merion, Villa, LaSalle, Devon, Sacred Heart, and Malvern, as well as KOP, you're good
by D-Hill Hottie June 19, 2005
Rust belt state. Roads are pretty bad in general. Houses are old and usually stack on top of each other, even in the small towns. Little population growth. Many western PA counties and cities have been losing people since the 1930's. PA people are well... there seems to be more assholes than nice people. But overall the state is pretty with lots of hills, especially in the western part. It's very similar to many Appalachain states, (yes, we have our share of hillbillies too) but the cities and houses are alot older and the people aren't quite as nice. PA native here so I know. The smart people move out before they turn 30. I am moving out of this state SOON. Why anyone would move here is a mystery to me.
Welcome to Pennsylvania, the grittiest/roughest state north of the Mason Dixon Line.
#rust belt #appalachain #western pa #pa #pittsburgh
by Steve27 August 20, 2006
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