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Otherwise known as "Puhneesha", "Penn State", or "Lil' Penn". The name of the most beautiful girl you know. Rumor has it she is half (Persian) goddess and half human. She is intelligent, adorable, and witty. She has a bootylicious body that makes her a "dime". On top of all of this, she can hold an intellectual conversation. If you know a Penney, you best be makin' moves.
Guy 1: "Yo, you know that Penney chick?"
Guy 2: "Yeah man, she's like perfect!"
Guy 1: "MMMMMM!! Oh hell yeah. She can git ittt!!"
by FrankRoberts December 18, 2011
A really cool kid who does not like limp bizkit
penneys is a cool kid
by billy eck January 11, 2004

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