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Anyone who masturbates with frequency and urgency.
"I'm the penis popper, popping my penis all day. I'm the penis popper, popping my penis my way."
by Dos Hanglos September 09, 2003
the act of popping penis. not giving head... can lead too head, but mainly an insult
uuh boy you a penispopper
by wawawewa1331 February 08, 2010
sex toys similar to the small rubber "poppers" popular at arcades and roller-skating rinks, used to stimulat a man's penis by popping the half-sphere shape on the head of the penis.
Julie: Damn, Matt wanted me to use the penis poppers on him all night long!
by Sioned November 14, 2006
rubber toys in the shape of half-spheres used for sexual arousal. when folded inside out and placed on the tip of the penis, the ensuing "pop" creates a heightened sexual arousal for the man. continued usage is said to even enhance the size of a man's erection. these toys come in a variety of colros and sizes, and can be used in other erogenous zones to enhance sexual arousal.
Bob: "oh baby use the penis poppers on me!"
by yoo0o November 13, 2006
when a male has an erection and only wearing boxers and is seen by someone not involved with the action of the erection.
A male entered the hall and was identified as a penis popper
by Jim Chaser January 18, 2010
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