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A male or female who craves and suckles the cock so hard they can only be removed by blunt force trauma and/or burning.
Why you holdin' your cock Bobby? That damn penis leach in the hot tub got a hold of me and Johnny had to burn her with his lighter to get her off.

by Lucky Bucky April 01, 2008
Some one who sucks a lot of penis. Who is basically feeding off of it.
That Girl is a Penis leach.
by Bittinkittin November 10, 2004
another word for cock sucker,or ball licker etc...
dude daniel you are such a penis leach
by evan February 26, 2004
one who wont get off my dick.
i got some good shit and now my cousin josh is a penis leach.
by mclout October 03, 2009