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Created by masturbating or having sex.
"Sperm is just a slang word for Penis Pudding"
by Erection Joe December 07, 2006
Warm pudding like substance which some women find delicious.They say its salty to the taste.
Sara loved gargling with my penis pudding.
by Mossy October 23, 2003
cum, jiz, semen, you get it
oh look! penis pudding floating on the hot tub!
by grrranimal March 07, 2010
jiz, cum, lol ur own marinara sauce loler
man susie ate a lot of franks penis pudding last night
by MC carty August 04, 2005
The seimen that comes out of a mans erect penile when he is erosed by a hoe batch sucking his shinny knob off.
OO yea my face is covered in penis-pudding
put your penis-pudding away george
eat my penis pudding bitch
by slapper steve September 01, 2003
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