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A woman (or man) who has an insatiable hunger for male genitalia. These individuals prefer to go balls deep. The mere sight of a penis is often enough to whip a Penis Monster into a nob-gobbling frenzy. Usually Penis Monsters are not sexually satisfied until they get some dirt under their fingernails. The opposite of a cock tease, a Penis Monster is a definite cock please.
Guy 1: Oh man!!! Cindy was awsome last night. She was a total Penis Monster.
Guy 2: Just remember Penis Monsters don't love you. They love the pee pee.
by Edwin Wiggins March 01, 2010
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a little, green penis shaped creature with eyes and a huge grin with somewhat pointy teeth that runs in place on 4 legs. (This is only in visible form.) He is also known as Bob the Invisible Penis Monster.
Aaahhh! The Penis Monster is going to attack me!!!
by LauReNiZzLe March 16, 2005
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A Monster who chases small children around, grabbing and/or molesting little "weiners." Usually ends with jail time and/or new boyfriend named bubba from cell 19.
"The Penis Monster down the street wants my cock and balls."
by Little bobby February 23, 2005
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This is a man who likes to show himself on the website chat roulette. He is often seen by himself. They are generally scary, and can get their kicks no other way.
Person A: So I went on chat roulette for an hour last night...

Person B: Yeah, was it fun?

Person A: No...I kept a tally. I was on for 1 hour, and I got 10 penis monsters, 2 naked women, and 3 French guys.
by Alienne March 23, 2010
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