1. An extremely cool flightless bird that genally lives in cold areas.

2. A racist term describing a person whose half black and half white.
1. OMG! Look a penguin!

2. OMG! Look a penguin! *gets jumped*
by SingingMime May 21, 2006
A group of business men
Guy1:Hey man look at those penguins all over there!

Guy2:Dude what are you talking about we're in baltimore?

Guy:1 Yeah over there in the black suits... see how they all look the same and waddle.
by RobsterMan December 17, 2007
the feathery little bastards who you love to hate, and hate to love, but somehow, they make great disney movies. You know what, i was going to write a movie about penguins, but then the goddamn happy feet movie came out. i still wanted to write it, but NOOOOOOOOOOOOO, it was COPYWRITED. you know what? FUCK THE MAN! IM GONNA BUILD A GIANT FUCKING PENGUIN ROBOT SUIT, AND CRUSH THOSE LITTLE ASSFUCKERS AT DISNEY! AND WHILE IM AT IT, IM GOING TO DROP COOLANT FLUIDS ON THOSE MOTHERS AT THE IRS!!! THEY TAXED THE GODDAMN ROBOT SUIT, AND THEY'RE GONNA REGRET IT!!! HOW DO YA LIKE ME NOW YOU CHEAP FUCKERS????
"wow... the guy who wrote this is freakin phyco..."


nooooooooooooo!!!!!!! not the penguin suit! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

(also, people who like penguins, such as the author of this, tend to suffer from severe cases of raging insanity. side effects may include, random rants, building insanely cool gadgets, and world domination.)
by man_eating_squirrel1994 May 15, 2009
(Slang) A nun, mother superior, or other female Catholic employed by the Church. Origins in the similarity of dress (typical nuns wear habits colored black and white).
"We have to go meet with the penguins," Ellwood told his brother Jake upon leaving the Rock Island, Illinois prison.
by jkp1187 January 23, 2004
Any one of 18 extant species of flightless seabird of the order Sphenisciformes.
Penguins are really cool birds!
by Korora November 12, 2003
A tasty chocolate biscuit snack from the UK
P-p-p-pick up a penguin
by Wise Man September 17, 2003
Penguins may look cute and cuddly, but they are going to take over the world and the Gnomes are going to help them.
Stock up on the anti penguin guns because they're loose and looking for world domination!
by TheDeadDuck October 02, 2007
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