The flipping of a fat mans man-boob. The scooping refers to Oil Spills that have occurred near Buenos Aires, where multiple penguins have died from the oil toxins. The process of cleaning the dead penguins involves scooping them up, very similar to that of the scooping action of a man-boob in a "Penguin Scoop".

However penguin scooping of the female breasts does not produce the desired effect of a penguin scoop. The mammary glands of the breast are denser than the fat in a man-boob, therefore the flopping reaction from a penguin scoop is replaced with a subtle 'bounce'.
"That man's breast are crying for a good penguin scoop."

Upon completing a successful Penguin Scoop "PENGUIN SCOOP!"
by Dr. Babooshka May 12, 2009

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