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Usually referring to your internet, or e-penis.
Wow since i've purchased this Radeon 9800 Pro video card my e-penis is off the charts!

OMGHI2U2, would u like to see my pen0s?

OMG E-Pen0s Huge++!!!1
by Anarchy_Creator September 26, 2003
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Net lingo (or l33t sp34k) for the word PENIS
wanna see my pen0s? w00t!!!11one
#p3nos #penis #cock #schlong #unit #p3n1s #bird
by Ricky Roma October 27, 2005
an object, a word that you use when you cant remember what to say.
i hate that stupid.... pen0s
by thatREALLYoldGOATse'R May 21, 2003
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