a combination of letters and numbers for concealing the fact that you are saying penis
After jerking the jerk Kevin's pen15 was tired.
by Hey Sixman May 07, 2005
This stands for P-E-N-I-S..As you can see the 15 at the end of pen15...the 1 resembles the "i" and the 5 resembles the "s". Lots of grade schoolers ask about, "do u have a pen15?" they say that its a pen, so when they say "no" they start to humiliate the person. This is a very imature act.
Yo sup? hey do u have a pen15?
WHAT?!? whats a pen15
oh its a kewl pen, all the boys have them
u serious?
well, do u have 1?
by Dave July 16, 2003
something you write in very large print on your forehead and show off in public places.
hot chick: lance looks so dope with pen15 written on his forehead
by jimbob November 23, 2002
Something your friends tell you to write on your arm. They Call it A "CLUB".

Its NOT!!!!!
Guy:JOIN Pen 15

Me:..... OK!!!!!

*Writes Pen15*

by Ninoots! March 25, 2014
I have a pen15 bro.
by jl0728 May 31, 2015
Pen15 is a term used by boys in middle school when they want to talk about a penis. This gets written on notebooks and on friends as a joke. The user of Pen15 thinks that they are being clever by using a secret code that no one will understand.

Everyone understands it.

Pen15 is interchangeable with Pen Is.
Kyle and I were friends until he wrote Pen15 on my arm and got me in trouble with my mom. I'm grounded and not allowed to hang out with him anymore.
by Japas May 04, 2014
pen 15 is slang for penisalso see cock wang and dick
you wanna join the pen15 club?
by purplemonky November 11, 2003

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