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Shitty little town in West Wales.
Full of inbred violent gypo's ,tinker's and would be kick boxers.Home to hundreds of Boswells.
Phileas fogg and Passepartout traveling around the world in 80 days pass over Wales in their balloon:
Phileas: Lean over and take a good look ,where exactly are we?
Passepartout: We are precisely over Pembroke Dock.
Phileas: How can you be so sure?
Passepartout: Because when i leaned over,some bastard stole my wristwatch!
by Hash BROON June 21, 2006
A town in Pembrokeshire, Wales. It has roads (some with tarmac), buildings (some still standing) and seagulls (all carrying concealed weapons.)

Newsreader, author and radio host Jamie Owen was raised in Pembroke Dock. Research into whether or not this had any influence on his choice of ties has remained inconclusive.

Pembroke Dock has a ferry terminal. There, you can buy revolting coffee and stock up on scented dog poo bags. They're green and have a picture of a dog doing a poo on them. Splendid.
TAFF: Where you going?

DAI: Pembroke Dock.

TAFF: Why?

DAI: I've run out of dog poo bags.

TAFF: But you haven't got a dog.

DAI: I know. But they make great car air fresheners.
by Dewin December 23, 2011
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