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Two Pelippers mate with a Hippopotas and creates the master race of all pokemon.

ヒポポタス Pelipotamus #674

Art by Ken Sugimori from Diamond and Pearl

Type Ground Ground Ground

Ground Ground Ground

Species Hippo Pokémon

Abilities Sand Stream -----

Sand Force
Hidden Ability

Exp. at Lv. 100 1,250,000

Regional Pokédex numbers Kanto
#— Johto
#— Hoenn
#— Sinnoh
#122 Unova
#— Not in any regional Pokédex

Regional Browser numbers Fiore
R— Almia
R-246 Oblivia
R-283 Oblivia (past)
N-103 Not in any regional Browser

Height 2'07"
Imperial 0.8m
Metric 2'07"/0.8m


Weight 109.1lbs
Imperial 49.5kg
Metric 109.1lbs/49.5kg


Catch rate 140

Gender ratio Genderless Unknown

50% male, 50% female

Breeding Ground group 31 cycles
(7905 minimum steps)

EV yield HP
0 Atk
0 Def
1 Sp.Atk
0 Sp.Def
0 Speed

Base Exp.: 95 Battle Exp.: 951*
ex. The pelipotamus has no examples except a pelipotamus
by Griphz the pokemaster June 06, 2011
The cross between and pelican and a hippopotamus
Kristian: What is that thing? It looks like a cross between a pelican and a hippopotamus.
Liam: It's a Pelipotamus!
by DwideShrude June 06, 2011

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