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spanish descendents located mostly in Guadalajara or some other parts of jalisco, not really a common name, they are hard workers and idea people, they like to manage big businesses and to control people, are also famous for a televion program.
audience: Sube pelayo sube, sube pelayo sube !!!!!!!
by mexicanpapacito May 20, 2009

usually with indie bands, tv shows, or fornicating.

2. that adores religiously her friends.

3. Pelayork, as in emperadora de Pelayork.
Girl 1: She was so exited she nearly tackled Gabe

(cobra starship)!!

Girl 2: She is Pelayo!!

ex 2:

Pelayo adores marie (one of her friends) so much she brougth her lots of chocolates.
by pelayostinks December 04, 2009