a girl who is extremely sexy.
every guy wants her
a girl who is always willing to have sex with you if your hot
a girl who i am in love with
someone who is so hot and amazing
peggy is the nicest person you'll ever meet and want to hang out with, but you better snatch her up first, shes taken most of the time.
every guy dreams about her
amazing in bed and the best kisser
Ben "Did you see the new girl?"
Derek "Yes! Shes such a Peggy, i want her."
Ben "Get in line."
by iloveher<3forever December 07, 2010
Top Definition
Perfection; someone that is flawless.
" have you seen that work of art? It's peggy."
by AyoitsDrew June 03, 2009
a cool kid at school
"peggy is a cool kid at school"
by ROAR May 05, 2003
A peggy is a fun, creative woman with a hidden zest for life which cannot be denied. Exciting and excitable she will find her way into any thing that she deems worthy of her interest. Always entertaining in bed although you wouldn't guess it if you didn't know her well. Often aloof when she doesn't want to be bothered.
by jewlie day March 25, 2010
a cunt Home Depot supervisor with a square body who likes to falsely report people.
It's ok to have fun now cause it all ends later on when Peggy comes in.
by hd1251 September 12, 2014
A Peggy is pessimistic, responsible, simple, and blunt. If you ask a Peggy a question, they will tell you how it is. They like cowboys, eating food, and watching TV shows. They also believe they are great actors/actresses/singers.
"wasn't that movie just so good?!"
"no. it was lame and the theater was cold."
"WOW you're being such a Peggy!"
by peggy101 September 28, 2011
Some one who got called "piggy" a lot in primary school.

Peggy is sensitive and caring. Although, she has insensitive and uncaring parents, who knew damn well their child would get made fun of.
Peggy- "Hi i'm Peggy, Let's play. Do you like skipping rope? you can use mine"

Some damn snot with a normal name- "eeewww I dont want to play with you, why would I play with a Piggy? Piggy Piggy Poo POO!"
by justinplayinyo4 February 04, 2010
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