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Is the moniker of the West Virginian rapper/entrepreneur also know as the Fly Spitta. Once a member of Fly Boy Records (dropped from the label for "personal issues") is now one of many talented artists signed to the east coast record label "JEDI Musik".
Who's the guy over there with my girl?
Oh thats Peez!
by shakespear99 July 28, 2011
Comes from the word herpes but meaning any and all Sexually Transmitted Diseases including but not limited to: Pregnancy, Stupidity, Vampire and zombie viruses, Mormons, Trailer Parks, and Mullets.

Some of which are passed on to children causing a wide spread epidemic.
That bitch gave me da peez
by twcuti January 10, 2011
another way for peace
I will see you later Peez Jeek
by Chris West April 07, 2005