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An erection caused by the pressure of a full bladder as opposed to sexual excitement.
A pantsless Tom enters the bathroom.

Brad the homo: Woah there tiger at least buy me dinner first! *growls in a a gay manner*

Tom: Relax dumbass it's just a peerection.

Brad the homo: (dejected) Then why are you pantsless?

Tom: I forgot the put them back on after I got done boning your sister.

Brad the homo: know I stole her last boyfriend. *winks in a gay manner*

Tom: (gaybashes and urinates on Brad).
by Pimperator July 04, 2005
57 39
when you have to pee really bad but you have a boner, so you have to do that weird squat/lean forward thing.
"man, i woke up this morning and had the worst peerection."
by walter_ego February 19, 2010
30 0
when yer cock wakes up an hour before you do, because it has to piss.
"I never seen you up this early, bro. What's the deal?"
"woke up with a pee-rection."
by SPIZE!! March 15, 2005
15 4