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The fictional tv universe in which the show "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and it's spinoff "Angel" take place. It differs from the real world in that if there were really vampires and demons running around people would fucking notice and it'd be on CNN and Jerry Springer.
Scotty: I wish I lived in the Buffyverse.
Joel: Why? So you could get fucking capped by a demon or some shit?
Scotty: No, so I could bang Faith.
Joel: She'd kick your loser ass.

Jerry Springer: Now Spike your girlfriend has a surprise for you.....that's right she's having a black man's baby!!!
Spike: **snaps Jerry's neck**
by Pimperator March 07, 2004
What weirdos back east and in England call the bathroom. WC for short.
Danny: Hey teach can I use the WC?

Teacher: What the fuck?

Danny: The water closet.

Teacher: What the fuck??

Danny: The restroom sir.

Teacher: No, go back to New Jersey.

Danny: I'm from merry old England sir.

Teacher: Well you can take your merry old dumb in fucking Jersey kid, now get the fuck out.
by Pimperator March 13, 2004
He/she/it, used when referring to someone of indeterminate gender, like an anonymous poster on a message board or a tranny.
Janet Reno.

cutegurL69: hi guys! you r right mitch most girls are bi!! i know i am! :o)

Taeger: *rolleyes* I bet you're a 56 year old retired steelworker from Allentown Pennsylvania named Bruno or something like that.

cutegurL69: *mad* fuck you teagar i am 17 years old girl from malabu ca!!

Taeger: Whatever Bruno, you can go back to jacking off now.

Mitch: :-D Aw come on T leave heshit alone.
by Pimperator March 06, 2004
An erection caused by the pressure of a full bladder as opposed to sexual excitement.
A pantsless Tom enters the bathroom.

Brad the homo: Woah there tiger at least buy me dinner first! *growls in a a gay manner*

Tom: Relax dumbass it's just a peerection.

Brad the homo: (dejected) Then why are you pantsless?

Tom: I forgot the put them back on after I got done boning your sister.

Brad the homo: Oh.....you know I stole her last boyfriend. *winks in a gay manner*

Tom: (gaybashes and urinates on Brad).
by Pimperator July 04, 2005

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