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A verb, to poke, pod, or generally touch another perso with yor penis, usually in the face.
Ewww.... I got peened by RJ in the face again!
by Mark January 14, 2004
24 32
short for penis
I can see through his jeans that he's got a small peen
by Raquelle December 05, 2003
476 115
1. Derivitive of the word penis.
There was an intoxicated man dancing on the train with no pants on, his peen was flopping around everywhere!
by Tashimama December 04, 2006
226 83
a common word used to describe the penis
" look at that guys makes my grandpas look big."
by ak harry March 15, 2005
173 111
peen (n)- A derogitory term used to denote someone that has consistently acts in an annoying manner. Slang for "penis".
Joe always snores and keeps me up. He is a peen.
111 91
a shorter way to say penis
Dude your peen is tiny!
by Edizle November 04, 2007
77 59
Is used:
a)to refer a man's penis

b)to describe an unlikable or mean male
a)John has a small peen

b)John is a huge peen!
by LBang October 30, 2005
69 57
Slang for the penis in it's flaccid state. Nobody like's a limp dick, so Peen is also used to describe a real jerk, or a dick.
That was a peen move Kevin, did you have to puke in tub?


We were swimming... it was cold... and I went from dick to peen in five seconds!
by boywonder769 January 20, 2009
34 25