When you have to take a big crap, however, you are no where close to a toilet and it starts "peeking" out of the butt hole.
Bat 1: oh man i gotta take a crap
Bat 2: dude, we are in the middle of nowhere
Bat 1: i know, but this ones a peeker!
by the bats April 05, 2003
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A peeker is a thong or g-string exposed over the top of a girl's pants/skirt/shorts.
Did you see Sam's peeker? Holy shit I had an instant hard on.
by Evan Linder October 11, 2005
The observation of a girl's underwear, hopefully a thong, stickin out of their pants. If it's in the back, we call 'er the regular 'peeker.' For the front, see frontal peeker
"Ooo shit man...look! look! look!...she's peekin"
"Wait for it....wait for it....PEEKER!"
"We got a lil' peekpeek I see"

R: "Any good peekers today?"
T: "Holy shit man...Sam Stickels..."
by mellin December 02, 2005
peekers are amazing, they can be defined as a womens thong "peeking" out of their jeans, or showing out of their pants
Look at that peeker!

What an amazing peeker!

Do we have a peeker?
by jacques cousteau April 28, 2005
A woman who bends over and her vagina peeks out between her butt cheeks.
The hooker wasn't worth the asking price until she showed me her peeker!
by Peeker Looker January 30, 2015
Someone who examines the contents of a kleenex to see if their brains came out.
Ew, that guy just looked in his kleenex. Total peeker
by NocNoc July 11, 2009
an extremely small penis that barely peeks out of the public hair ex; Trey has a peeker
Trey has a peeker.
by pete kr February 22, 2006

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