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A liquid that, when consumed, will bring about your darkest fears and illuminate your true persona. The mere scent of this mystical potion will cause anyone's face to cringe with the utmost disgust. It has many names, such as Everclear, Gemclear, and PGA. Although, in its country of origin, it is referred to as "The Peege."It is a blessing in the hands of some. A curse in the hands of Dunns.
Eric: "Make a peege, pass a peege."

Adrian: "Hey man, you alive?"
Crosby: "Barely. My glasses are broken, my penis hurts, there is a piece of pizza in my pocket, and there is a midget asleep in your butt."
Adrian: "Another successful peege."

"The only thing we have to Peege, is Peege itself." -Peegevelt.
"Speak softly and carry a big peege." -Peegevelt (Again, the peege is making it hard to be creative)
by Peege Man September 07, 2009

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