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Nickname for UK city, Peterborough as coined by Norman from Werrington, UK on Andy Burrows' breakfast show on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire.
1. My brother-in-law works as a fork-lift driver in Peebo.
2. That bloke from Erasure was from Peebo
3. Yes, I do know where Peebo is.
by Norman_From_Werrington December 02, 2006
Peebo is a nickname for Peterborough, a city in Cambridgeshire in the UK. It was defined by a listener to a programme on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire.
Many trains from London to Scotland pass though Peebo.
by Jonny_Boy December 02, 2006
urinating with an erection.
When a male wakes up in the morning with wood and pees anyways. This is called a pee bo.
by Mark R. Simon July 03, 2006
An occurance in which ones pants become erected displaying of what appears to be a boner but is in fact not.

An involuntary erection of the pants. Also known as, 'pants boner'.

Commonly occurs when wearing cargo shorts, but can happen with any sort of pants or shorts.
As he sat down he noticed a peebo had developed.

The peebo was swiftly flattened before drawing attention.

His peebo was enormous in contrast to his .........
by Tanner S. May 17, 2008
One of Barack Obama's nicknames.

P(ee)- President
Bo - Barack Obama
Come on folks... give PeeBo a break. He just wants to make the world a better place.
by WolfmanJackal July 27, 2009
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