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A Tank of a man who is unique in everyway he may be compared to the terminator or as the love machine but you can be sure when a pedrum is round your guaranteed fun and have a good friend as well.
Pedrum is a tank!!

OMG that guy is a legend, Oh it must be Pedrum?
by sixdown8across August 19, 2011
Often referred as One Legend. When a Pedrum is around, you're guaranteed fun and a trustworthy friend. A Pedrum is usually inside his mind and always thinking of ways to solve different problems. They are usually wise and an important member of society. A Pedrum never gives up and pursues his dream until the end! They are most likely funny, good looking, weird, trustworthy and wise.
"OMG, that kid is a legend and the coolest person ever!"
"It must be a Pedrum"
by KiingRetro February 05, 2014